Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Memory Bear....Retirement

Another "Memory Bear" made for a friend that was retiring at the end of 2013. I absolutely love making these bears...they seem so lovable and human when I get them done!  I almost hate to give them away!
I'm working on a tan one like this right now, and another one made out of the remnants from some crib sheets and dust ruffle I made for a client.  That one is made from different fabrics, so it's rather cute!
I will post pictures of them when they are finished!

Orphan Dress

 Okay....it's obviously been ages since I have updated my blog.  I had to take a break to have some surgery on my hand, which resulted in a nasty infection and several doctor visits. Needless to say, things have resolved on their own (no thanks to the doctors), and I am slowly getting back into sewing.

I have had many calls and emails on the prices for the orphan dresses, plus orders that always seem to pile up after January.
Sooooo......here is what I charge for a basic orphan dress:

The costume consists of a dress (lighter fabric), pinafore (several color choices available), and scarf (lighter fabric with patches). This is available for $50.00, plus $5.00 for postage. If you live outside the continental USA, I would charge the actual postage needed to mail the package.  For example, I sent one to Australia, which cost more postage, obviously.
Bloomers are also available for an additional $15.00.